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Jack & Dean Cleaning Co. - about pageIn the spring of 2006 Jack Wilson and Dean Murphy decided that they have given their current employer enough of their time and productivity and that the time to start their own business has come. That is how Jack & Dean Cleaning Co. was founded two of months later. The couple wanted to be independent and do things they think best correspond to client needs and current cleaning industry trends. The company set their goals high enough to remain sharp and highly competitive all the time.

In the beginning we only hired two more cleaning technicians to help us complete jobs and grow our business. We were all motivated and kept learning all the time. That helped us to become better and gain clients’ trust. More people were hired and properly trained. Today our team accounts of 14 full time employees plus dozen others that we hire part time. We have a 6 vehicle fleet that allows our cleaners Camden NW to be mobile enough to quickly cover the entire area.

Why Have 5000+ Camden NW Residents Chosen Us?

  • 10+ years of experience
  • Mostly positive feedback
  • 97% stain removal
  • Long term fibre protection & color rejuvenation
  • Flexible booking system
  • Fully insured cleaning provider
  • Hassle-free services
  • Combined bookings discounts

Quality Service Assurance

There’s a huge diversity of carpets & sofas available on the market. Wool, synthetic, acrylic, blended...the list goes on and on. Meanwhile, the cleaning methods had become more effective with the introduction of new machines and detergents. We are well aware of all these cleaning trends and that is why we try to maintain our cleaners skillset always up to date. Not only do we exercise strict quality control but also educate them how to properly maintain the latest machinery we buy. Our cleaning specialists also go to trainings organized by our main supplied Prochem, a market leader in cleaning detergents & equipment. Our teams are instructed to always begin with a thorough fibre inspection and stain pre-treatment. We ensure you that your carpet, sofa or other upholstery will not be damaged in the process. We guarantee our cleaning services for at least 24h, so if there’s a gap between what you’ve expected and what we’ve delivered, we will re-clean ASAP for free.

Working Hours

Our cleaning Camden NW services can be booked from Monday to Sunday including. We start at 08:00 and finish at 18:00. We also accept late hour requests, but there’s an additional fee that will be applied. We do not rest during bank holidays so in case there’s an urgent job to be carried out we can provide for you.

Payment Details

We are pretty flexible in terms of payments too - you can choose between a bank transfer, check, cash or credit card. You only pay once we are done.

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