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Got fed up looking at these dire stains on your oriental rug? Instead of spending hours searching for “how to remove coffee stains from carpet” on Google, you can leave that to us and go on doing something more fun. Jack & Dean Cleaning Co. is a professional rug & carpet cleaning company in Camden NW that is ready to provide excellent carpet care and stain removal. Our skilled rug & carpet cleaners can help with the trouble areas and restore your carpet or rug’s shiny looks and healthy condition.

With more than 10 years of experience, we do know how to tackle dirt. We are available 365 days a year - bank holidays including. You can reach us anytime you want at this number 020 7846 1355 and book online our expert cleaning technicians today. This is a deposit free service and you only pay when we are done. Call now!

Carpet & Rug Cleaning Benefits

  • Stain removal
  • Dirt & Microbes removal
  • Dust mites removal
  • Reducing traffic areas damaging effects
  • Fibre protection & life extension
  • Mold growth prevention
  • Calling us frees up your time for doing other important things you are to do

Service info

carpet cleaning in Camden NWSome delicate carpets and Persian or Indian rugs require special treatment. Our experienced cleaners know exactly which methods to apply so the appeal and integrity of the fibres is not compromised. We can repair badly damaged areas and remove wine, beer, coffee, tea, Coca Cola, paint, ink, rust, vomit, urine at almost 100%.

We clean all carpet types including wool, synthetic, organic, acrylic, blended. When it comes to rug cleaning we have so far dealt with braided, Caucasian, Pakistani, Shiraz, Kashmir, Turkmen, Tibetan, Navajo and many other oriental rugs.

Our carpet cleaning Camden NW technicians always begin with a detailed inspection of the fibre composition and condition. A small part of the carpet or rug is tested with several detergents in order to be determined the fibre duress. We would then vacuum clean the surface and thus complete the whole stain pre-treatment procedure.

Dry & Steam Carpet Cleaning

The rug & carpet cleaning methods that we use in our practice are performed by all industry standards and are therefore quite effective. Hot water extraction uses hot water mixed with solution and its best suited for removing of old organic stains and killing microbes. Dry cleaning uses chemicals that are being spread all over the carpet and is great when removing stains off delicate fibres.

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Booking us is quite simple - you either call 020 7846 1355 or send an online request. We’ll soon get back to you with a great carpet or rug cleaning Camden NW quote. It is not mandatory and there is no deposit. When booking two or more of our services, like window cleaning and oven cleaning you get a discount. You can book a same day service or request our presence one month from now. We are available weekends & public holidays too. You can pay via credit card, cash, check or a wire transfer.

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