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Window cleaning Camden NWWindow cleaning is not among the most exhaustive cleaning tasks and some people even enjoy doing it by themselves. However, the more and bigger they are the more difficult are they to be cleaned. Also, cleaning high floor windows is a dangerous job, that you should rather leave to a professional. Jack & Dean Cleaning Co. can provide spotless window cleaning in Camden NW for both households and businesses. Through our special fed pone cleaning method, our window cleaners are always able to delivering great end results. The purified water that we use will make your windows shine and give it some extra protection for quite some time. You can book right away at 020 7846 1355 or at our booking form.

Service Details

To begin with, we use purified water because of its incredible dirt absorbing abilities. This allows us to provide a non-toxic cleaning that also sterilizes the windows and frames. All previously used chemicals are also removed in the process. We also use a professional water fed pole method in order to reach up to 4 storey heights. Our window cleaners attach a 22m pole to the water supply located in our van. That makes us flexible in terms of both covering heights and securing the water supply for the cleaning process. The cleaning technicians then pump the purified water through the hose before jetting out the brush head. The sprayed water is then brushed all across the window surface thus removing all dirt and microbes. At the end the whole window is rinsed so to get rid of the gooey water and to give it a nice & smooth finish. The windows are then left to dry naturally because the purified water leaves no leftovers whatsoever.

Types Of Windows We Clean

Single or double windows, french doors, sash windows, small & big bay windows, skylight windows, garden windows. We can also clean conservatory roofs & conservatories, sills (only PVC) and frames (only PVC).

Additional Services

Gutter Cleaning

Clogged gutters and downpipes are a leading cause behind water damage incidents in the UK. Full gutters can also cause ice damming during the winter and they harbor fungus and mold. Cleaning your house's gutters is not an easy task. We can do that for you - that saves you time and does not put your health at risk. We can completely remove all debris, mildew and gutter gardens. Remember that we cannot clean below ground level downpipes or gutters with installed gutter guards.

Roof cleaning

Although weather & dirt resilient, roofs need to be deep cleaned at least once a year. If left long untreated, lichens, moss and algae can cause damage to your roof, by causing shingles to lose their granules protective abilities. This also affect its appearance & functionality. With our powerful jet washing machine we can remove all that filth off your roof and extend its lifespan.

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Get on the phone and book our top-quality window cleaning Camden right away. You’ll get a free quote and won’t be asked to pay a deposit beforehand. This service is not hourly based, though we do have a minimum callout charge. You can make a same day appointment or book us one month ahead. You also need to provide us a parking space within 30m so that we can easily connect our poles to the water pump of the back of our van. You can also combine several services and get a 15% discount.

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